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What is Hot & Fit 100?

Canada’s hottest search continues as we celebrate our 12th Annual Hot & Fit 100 issue!

In the past decade, Hot & Fit 100 has become the premier contest for the promotion and showcase of Canada’s best. Our winner will be featured on the cover of Inside Fitness and be given a spread inside the magazine. The top one hundred Canadian women will be featured in the magazine and the top ten will be ranked.

Hot and Fit 100 History

2009 Lyzabeth Lopez @lyzabethlopez
2010 Heather Robertson @heatherrobertsoncom
2011 Leigh Brandt @leighbrandt
2012 Laura Michelle Prestin @missprestin
2013 Belinda Kiriakou @belindakiriakou
2014 Nadine Dumas @nadinedumas

2015 Corina Froese @corina.froese
2016 Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe @coach_jvb
2017 Jaclyn Phillips @jaqioh
2018 Natalie Gonzalez @natysalsera
2019 Mandy Froude @froudemandy


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